How does Paul feel about Erik's football career in Tangerine?

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Tangerine is a young adult novel written by Edward Bloor and published in 1997. It tells the story of Paul Fisher, his love of soccer, and his relationship with his dysfunctional family. In particular, it tells the story of his relationship with his older brother, Erik, who Paul is afraid of. Erik is a bully, a thief, and has a dark side that their parents do not seem to be aware of.

When Paul is twelve, the family move from Houston to Tangerine County, Florida, and Paul enrolls at Lake Windsor Middle School. Paul is excited about joining the soccer team but, as he has been registered as legally blind, he is unable to play. Despite Paul’s talent for soccer, his family only sees Erik as the star football player. Paul names Erik’s plan for a college scholarship and football career the "Erik Fisher Football Dream". Paul’s dad is so invested in "the Erik Fisher Football Dream" partly because:

he's always regretted not being big enough to play football.

Paul’s parents are so preoccupied with Erik’s future that they do not see his sociopathic character. Neither do they see Paul’s abilities on the football field. When Paul finally learns the truth about why he is visually impaired, Erik sprayed spray paint in his eyes, his parents said they never told him as they didn’t want him to grow up hating his brother. But is the truth that this was a further example of their parents protecting Erik and his future?

By the end of the novel, there is no longer an ‘Erik Fisher Football Dream’ as Erik is revealed to be a murderer.

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Paul knows that his brother has a talent for kicking the football. But, that is all Erik can do. Paul, himself, is a talented soccer player, an outstanding goalie at his old middle school in Houston. Neither parent is aware that Paul is an equally good player in his own sport. Both are focused on Erik and the Erik Fisher Football Dream. Paul puts himself forward despite his mysterious vision problems even when his school is partially destroyed and he is put off the team for his "handicapped" status. He puts himself in a minority school, befriends the soccer students who are nothing like him, and he succeeds in a way his brother never will. Paul has intergrity and grit, which Erik has not.

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