How does patriarchy play a part in The God of Small Things?

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Roy tells the stories of various husband-wife couples whose relationships are distorted because of the patriarchal structure.  The most obvious example is that of Pappachi and Mammachi.  Pappachi rules his household like a demented despot--beating his wife and children and destroying their prized possessions.  Chacko, though less aggressively, than his father, is responsible for his failed marriage.  He has no job, but he refuses to help out around the house, and turns into a lazy slob.  Ammu's husband is willing to prostitute her to save his job.  Roy gives example after example of men's tyrannical actions in their household.  Some are physically abusive, such as Pappachi and the Kathakali Men; but some are more insidious in their domination and sense of entitlement:  Conrade Pillai and Chacko. ...

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