How does passion work against the characters in Hamlet?

Passion works against the characters in Hamlet by influencing them to make rash decisions which have disastrous outcomes. Claudius's passion to become king motivates him to commit regicide, which damns his soul for eternity. Hamlet allows his passion for avenging his father's murder to ruin his relationship with Ophelia and influences him to accidentally kill Polonius. Ophelia's passion influences her to commit suicide, while Laertes's passion motivates him to poison his sword, which is a decision he regrets.

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Passion motivates the characters in the play to make unwise, hasty decisions that put themselves and others in harm's way and lead to unfortunate, tragic outcomes. Claudius is driven by his passion to become king and assassinates his brother in the orchard while he is sleeping. Although Claudius attains the title of King of Denmark, he guilt and paranoia attached to his actions. Claudius cannot pray for forgiveness and becomes obsessed with eliminating his primary political enemy, Prince Hamlet. Prince Hamlet is another character who is driven by passion, as he wishes to avenge his father's death. Although Prince Hamlet feels strongly about his uncle's treachery, he hesitates to take action.

Unfortunately, Hamlet's passion reaches a crescendo while arguing with Gertrude in her room and he impulsively stabs Polonius, who is hiding behind a curtain. After Hamlet accidentally murders Polonius, Claudius is motivated to have him murdered in England, Ophelia becomes mentally unstable, and Laertes also...

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