How does the party control relationships between men and women? How do they use this particular type of control to control the society even further? part 1

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Party separates individuals by encouraging spouses and children to report "thoughtcrime".  Thoughtcrime is anything which the Party does not approve of--anything that will allow rebellion.  Love in relationships is one of those things.  Consequently, if people don't have feelings for one another and are taught not to "think" for themselves (Newspeak), they will not be able to lead any such rebellion.

This is much like Hitler's Nazi Youth who reported and turned in friends and family members for non-Party behavior.  The Party rules by fear of being turned in.  This eventually leads to torture and the horrible stories of Room 101.

Fear is a very powerful tool.  Humans are social creatures, bu self-preservation is ranked very highly on the list of survival tactics.  If it makes them safe, they will turn you in...all bonds between men, women, children are severed aside from the procreation and existing aspects.  Take the families who live in Winston's building, for instance.  The children are always playing "spy" and the mothers always appear uneasy and scared of their shadows.