How does Parker's wife react to his new tattoo?

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Parker's wife doesn't much care for his extensive collection of body art. But Parker's sure that the deeply devout Sarah Ruth is going to love his latest tattoo: a large picture of Christ on his back. Unfortunately, he couldn't be more wrong. For when he takes off his shirt to show Sarah Ruth what's on his back, she's staggeringly unimpressed, and indeed angered, by what she sees.

First of all, she doesn't even recognize who it is that the tattoo is supposed to depict. It certainly isn't anybody that she knows. In a fit if exasperation, Parker—who must be wondering at this point what he's let himself in for—loudly insists that it's none other than God whose picture on his back. But this makes no difference to Sarah Ruth whatsoever. She says that the tattoo doesn't look anything like God, to which Parker angrily retorts that she wouldn't know as she's never actually seen him.

Sarah Ruth remains firm, however. According to her orthodox interpretation of Christianity, Christ is a spirit, and it is therefore idolatrous to depict him in pictorial form. An idol is something worshipped as a god but which isn't actually a god, and Sarah Ruth clearly feels that her husband now has an idol on his back. Sarah Ruth is so infuriated by what she sees as such a blatant example of idolatry that she brutally attacks Parker with a broomstick and drives him out of the house.

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