How does overusage of technology influence our community?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many ways that we can say that the overuse of technology affects our society.  In this answer, I will look at two of these ways.  One affects our mental and emotional states while the other has a more physical impact.

Mentally and emotionally, it is possible to argue that technology drives people in our society apart.  We cannot really measure this in any objective way, but many people believe that it does occur.  The idea here is that technology has taken over our lives and made it so that we do not have close connections with other people as we once did.  For example, it is said that we spend too much time using our electronic devices and doing things like texting our friends instead of actually spending time in face to face conversations with people.  As another example, our technology allows many workers to be in constant touch with their jobs.  Their bosses can, therefore, call on them at any time.  This takes away from the time and attention that workers can give to their families.  In these ways, we can say that our overuse of technology reduces the quality of our social interactions and weakens our ties with other people.

The second impact of technology comes from the energy that is needed to run the technology.  All of our modern technology runs on electric power.  This means that, in most of the United States, we need to burn fossil fuels in order to get the electricity.  This extensive use of fossil fuels is helping to create climate change.  This climate change is affecting our communities in a variety of ways, many of which we do not yet understand.  The use of fossil fuels also leads to various sorts of pollution that can affect our communities.  In these ways, there are physical impacts of our usage of technology.

Thus, our usage of technology (at least arguably) has negative impacts on our communities.

ik9744 | Student

Overuse of technology influence our community in a very bad way. Well, you could argue with me that, technology made our lives more easier and different from the past. The problem with technology being part of our life is technology is overtaking the things that we use to do by ourselves, making us learn more lessons through life. If people still keep over using technology like these days it would lead to a corrupt world. Right now almost everyone is using technology [online] for answers on their homework etc. Yes, using technology will benefit you on homework for only one day, meaning that when the test comes you're pretty much hopeless. Right now pretty much almost every boy at my age is playing video games at their house, and somewhat not coming out of their houses. This is very bad for their body and should be stopped immediately. The earth is a wonderful place, but natural resources come and go. If we run out of energy for the big amount of electricity being used everyday, it'd be a big problem due to the fact that the world/nature can't produce enough fuels for us. We are basically ruining the world by just using technology. Technology influence our community in a very bad way since a lot of people even adults use technology whenever they can for no reason. Pulling a phone out while waiting at a restaurant isn't very needed. Our lives have changed in so many ways because of technology towards a bad way.

Short Answer:

Over usage of technology can lead bad things to the earth. Adults can influence children when they are on their phone 24/7 [including: waiting, walking, and etc].