How does our family influence us?I am a college freshman in my first psychology class and I wanted some help writing a reflective paper about influences in our lives.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Our family is one of our most important agents of socialization.  It is the source from which we learn our first lessons about how society works and how we are expected to behave as members of that society.  In this way, our family influences us tremendously.

As we grow up, we learn from our family what is expected of us.  We learn that it is important for us to share with others, particularly if we have siblings.  We learn that it is important to obey authority.  Depending on the family, though, we also learn that it is important to learn to be independent and to think for ourselves.  We will likely also learn various attitudes about things like religion, education, justice and sex.

In these ways, our family has a huge influence on us as we grow up.  I would encourage you to think about the particular things that you believe that you may have gotten from your family or as a reaction to the way things were in your family.

lalithareddy | Student

Family is the oldest social organisation. Allthe members of the family extend their co-pertation one another. Kinship binds them together.The family teaches children the basic values and principles of life.

Children begin their education at home. They learn dicipline.sharing things,honesty, tolerence, how to maintain good health, show respect to elders and love for younger ones as well as family members. they also learn to depend on their family for love, affection, ncouragement, support and  co-operation. It also helps the old, sick, weak and physically challenged members of the family.

It serves the purpose of living together.Family is the cradle of civilization. It is the best traning school for citizenship.