How would a Catholic respond to the use of their faith in meeting the future challenges placed upon our world today?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I had to alter the question a bit to make it more appropriate to what is done here on enotes.  I believe that a Catholic would turn to the basic tenets of their religion to understand how to navigate the elements that are out there in the world.  Certainly, all individuals who follow religions will be doing this because I am not sure there is much in way of a handbook as to how to navigate what lies in front of us.  The Catholic would demand that the Papal Authority would be someone that could help Catholics navigate the challenging road ahead.  Now, more than ever, the guidance and counsel of the Pope would be something that a Catholic would point to as part of the formula for finding "the answer" for what lies in the future.  Papal authority cannot deny its importance in the Catholic faith.  I think that the growing emergence of movements like "Catholics Come Home" and other concepts that encourage Catholic involvement in the church would be another element to the question as to what the future holds.  I think that greater participation in the church community, availing oneself to a greater significance to confession, and playing a more active role in the church community would also help guide the Catholic in the future.  The reaffirmation of the solidarity of the Church in the the Catholic faith would help to provide another component of "the answer" to what lies in the uncertain future.  I think that these are components to what the Catholic might say as to how their faith calls upon them in the face of an uncertain and challenging future.