How does Othello plan to convince Brabantio that he is worthy of Desdemona ?

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kiwi eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Othello chooses to explain how he ‘won’ Desdemona to Brabantio in front of the Senate and the Duke. He uses the respect and admiration that this body places on him to illustrate indirectly to Brabantio that he is a worthy husband for Desdemona.

 Othello is honest in the account that he gives of the development of the relationship between him and Desdemona, commenting that it was in Brabantio’s house, at his invitation, that Othello began to tell Desdemona of the exciting and tragic events of his life. These tales had of course endeared Brabantio to Othello, so he would have to understand that his daughter was equally enthralled.

The most persuasive part of Othello’s argument is that he asks for Desdemona to be brought to the senate and her to give her account of the events which led to their marriage. He pledges his life on the fact that once she has spoken, his innocence of any witchcraft or sorcery will be clear.

 I do beseech you,
Send for the lady to the Sagittary,
And let her speak of me before her father:
If you do find me foul in her report,
The trust, the office I do hold of you,
Not only take away, but let your sentence
Even fall upon my life.