How does Orwell describe his vision of the future in the novel 1984?How would his vision of the future be analyzed?

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Orwell paints a very bleak vision of the future. It is a future where a once powerful nation is constantly in a state of war. Oceania's citizenry have been stripped of all civil rights and must show complete loyalty to 'Big Brother'. It is a society where truth can only be found through the dogma of the governing party. Indeed, the very language of the society (Newspeak) is moulded to create a citizenry which can be constantly manipulated. Compassion, creativity, privacy and individuality are all completely absent in the society of the future which Orwell created.

"It was a good hanging," said Syme reminiscently. "I think it spoils it when they tie their feet together. I like to see them kicking. And above all, at the end, the tongue sticking right out, and blue - a quite bright blue. That's the detail that appeals to me." (p. 52).

Characterization and setting are used very effectively by Orwell to ceate his vision of a dystopian society. The misery and monotony of the protagonist Winston's life is described in vivid detail, while the irony of a society which contains Thoughtpolice, a Ministry of Love and a Ministry of Truth is quite chilling.

Orwell's vision of the future is basically a satirical take on the erosion of civil rights and dangers of overt nationalism and cult followings.