The Harlem Renaissance

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How did political life and cultural life intersect during the Harlem Renaissance? 

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We can say that these intersected in the sense that cultural life helped to inform political life among African Americans in this time and place.  

During the Harlem Renaissance, Harlem was home to a huge flowering of African American arts.  African American writers, artists, and musicians put forward a new African American culture that was more self-confident and more assertive.  This was the age of the "New Negro."

This sort of assertiveness and confidence spilled over into politics to some degree.  Perhaps the best example of how this happened is in the black nationalism of the time.  This can be seen in the support that was shown for Marcus Garvey's UNIA organization.  

In this way, the cultural flowering of the Harlem Renaissance intersected with political life, with both contributing to a new sense of black nationalism and pride.

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