How does one go about writing an annotation for a scholarly article or book related to poetry? This assignment is practice for a future assignment where we will be writing an annotated bilbliography with at least FOUR scholarly sources.  For each source, we will have to write a one-paragraph annotation summarizing the article or book and evaluating/assessing whether or not it is likely to be useful to us in writing our future term paper.  The instructor has never explained any of this to us.  She also mentions writing in "MLA STYLE" which I have never heard of.  This is an online class and she does not respond to emailed questions.  Hence, my posting this question here.  Thank you in advance.

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Since the previous post did a good job at explaining the MLA style and has even provided a website, let me say a few words on what you need to put into the annotated bibliography. In an annotated bibliography, you basically want to summarize the article in the most succinct way, so that the reader will be able to get the main point or the basic gist of the article or work. In order to do this, you need to spell out the thesis of the article along with the main supporting points. You may also want to give one sentence on the value of the work for the project in view. With a little practice, you will get the hang of it.

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