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How does one's culture benefit a diverse community?

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First of all, we must recognize that different cultures will benefit a diverse society in different ways.  A culture that, for example, values education highly might benefit a diverse society by forcing it to put more emphasis on education while another culture will have a different impact.

If we are talking about cultures in general, they each help a diverse society simply by bringing in another set of perspectives, values, and attitudes.  One of the major benefits of having a diverse society is the fact that a diverse society is made up of many different viewpoints and attitudes.  A diverse society can draw on the attitudes and values of many different cultures and can take the best of all worlds.  Given this fact, each culture that is added to the diverse society strengthens it.  Each new culture gives the diverse society another set of options from which to choose.

Thus, one’s culture benefits a diverse society be increasing its diversity and giving it more choices.

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