How does Odysseus react to Eurylochus’s “mutinous outburst"?

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In book 10, Odysseus and his men sail to Aeaea, the island of Circe. On the island, Odysseus and his men split into two parties, and the group led by Eurylochus travels to Circe's home. Once they arrive at Circe's home, she invites the men inside. but Eurylochus remains outside, suspecting a trap. Eurylochus makes the correct decision, as Circe proceeds to turn the men into pigs using a magical potion. Upon seeing his companions transformed into pigs, Eurylochus swiftly travels back to Odysseus's camp and informs him of the incident. Odysseus demonstrates his loyalty and courage by returning to Circe's house to save his men. Fortunately, Odysseus is able to overcome Circe's powerful spell by eating a magical herb from Hermes.

After saving his men, Odysseus returns to his ship and encourages the others to follow him to Circe's home, where they are welcome to eat and recover. In a "mutinous outburst," however, Eurylochus proceeds to argue that Circe will turn them all into pigs and reminds them of Odysseus's reckless decision to enter the Cyclops's cave. He also accuses Odysseus of being "hotheaded," and Odysseus is tempted to draw his sword. However, Odysseus refrains from decapitating Eurylochus and listens to the calming words of his crew. They petition Odysseus to allow Eurylochus to remain behind and guard the ship, but Eurylochus follows along out of fear that Odysseus will sharply reprimand him. Overall, Odysseus reacts to Eurylochus's "mutinous outburst" by controlling his temper and refraining from killing him.

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