How does Odysseus and Penelope establish the meaning of love in their own way in Homer's Odyessy.  

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This is a good question. It is clear that Penelope is a model of faithfulness and love. She not only waits for Odysseus, but she does so in the midst of conflict and many hardships. The easiest thing for her to do would be to marry one of the suitors, but she holds outs. She even concocts a plan. She states that she would marry a suitor once she finished a funeral robe for her father-in-law. All day she makes it and every night she undoes it.

Odysseus's love is a bit more complex. He does stay that Calypso for a while, but then his longing for home gets the best of him. So, he make a difficult journey, to say the least. He finally comes to Ithaca and he finds that he has a lot of work to do to get rid of the suitors. He risks his life and reunites with is life.

From this perspective, we can say that there is love. Both show great tenacity to make this love work.

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