How does Odysseus of Homer's The Odyssey compare and contrast with Macbeth of Shakespeare's Macbeth? Please focus on the characters' personalities.

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There's a lot worth contrasting between Odysseus and Macbeth. First of all, I would note, Odysseus is not a tragic character like Macbeth is (he's ultimately rewarded at the end of The Odyssey, whereas Macbeth is destroyed).

Furthermore, Odysseus is worthy of respect, particularly within the context he was created in (if he is not heroic by modern standards, do keep in mind that he was not created with modern audiences in mind).

Macbeth is treacherous—grasping for a crown which is not his, and in so doing he tramples over moral and political expectations: murdering his liege to attain his crown and then using still more murders in his attempt to secure it.

Odysseus, on the other hand, might be many things, but treacherous is not one of them. He tends to be loyal to his friends, and when among those who show him proper hospitality, he tends...

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