How does Flannery O'Connor portray the family in "A Good Man is Hard to Find?"

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The family, specifically the grandmother, are alazons (those who think they are better than they really are); they are essentialists (those who believe in a perfectible human nature); they are lost on the road (spiritually and physically); they are "once saved, always saved" hypocrites ("wingless chickens" who think they are going to heaven and, therefore, do not take responsibility for themselves or others).

"A Good Man is Hard to Find" (1955) tells the story of a family en route from Tennessee to Florida for vacation. Through a series of the mishaps by the grandmother and her cat, the family car wrecks near some woods in Florida. Two witnesses from a following car stop to aid the family, all of whom are relatively unscathed. The grandmother identifies one of the witnesses as The Misfit, a mass murderer on the loose.

Her admission is a death sentence for the family. The Misfit's accomplice takes the family into the woods and shoots them. The grandmother tries to save herself by pleading...

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