How does objective vs. subjective writing affect the reader?

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Objective writing is intended to inform without prejudicing the reader to accept any single opinion. Informational text is written to inform, not present an opinion. Newspaper articles are intended to be written objectively, presenting only facts or both sides of a story, letting the reader evaluate the information. Subjective writing is the exact opposite. It is intended to persuade the reader to accept one point of view over another. For example, abortion is right or abortion is wrong. Subjective writting specifically shares an opinion, such as commentaries or letters to the editor found on opinion pages in newspapers. Hopefully, this paragraph is an example of objective writing.

The lines between objective and subjective writing have become blurred with the advent of the Internet and blogs. Many people read subjective pieces and regard it as the truth. By writing this, I am making a subjective observation about the Internet, but one I believe is true.

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Objective writing means to write the words that express writer's meaning in exact way and subjective writing means to write in indirect way i.e. The words that are having very deep meanings under their upper surface meanings.