How does Obama become aware of the existance of racism?  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

President Obama's experience with racism is not an instant or an exact moment, but rather one that is developed over time.  Unlike the memoirs of a Dr. King or Malcolm X or Anne Moody, who learned with specific instances during childhood what it meant to live in a society stung with the venom of racism, President Obama's exploration of the issue is one that develops over time.  Being of biracial heritage gives him a unique vantage point from which racial identity and can be explored and delve into the topic of racism.  He is able to examine this from the perspective of his mother and her family as well as his own background of being from a father he barely even knew.  The exploration of this topic allows him to examine the valences and positions of racism from both White and Black America, giving a wider and broader understanding of racism and racial identity in America.