How does the Nurse react when she returns to Juliet?After Nurse returns from visiting Romeo, how do she and Juliet react?

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The Nurse is hot and winded from her walk back to the house and wishes to rest a bit. Juilet is very impatient (as are all 13 year old girls!) and wants the Nurse to tell her everything immediately. She begins to bombard the Nurse with question after question without pausing to wait for an answer. The Nurse is trying to catch her breath and tells Juliet to give her a second. Also, she then seems to tease Juliet a bit by taking her time telling her what Romeo said. Perhaps it's because Juliet was so impatient that the Nurse decided to prolong her response. However, the Nurse eventually asks Juliet is she is free to go to confession (shrift) that afternoon because Romeo will be waiting at the church to marry her.