How does Nucor Steel's performance management system relate to theories of work motivation? Based on theories of work motivation, how does Nucor Steel's system energize and direct employee behavior, foster innovation and cooperation, and diminish feelings of inequity?

Nucor Steel's performance management system ensures that employees experience equality, empowerment, and satisfaction within the workplace. All employees, regardless of title, receive the same benefits and compensation package. Employees can be assured that their voices are heard through regular all-staff meetings, department-wide meetings, and employee satisfaction surveys. Work performance and productivity determines all employees' compensation.

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Nucor Steel's performance management system has a strong focus on equality and empowerment within the workplace. From a benefits and compensation standpoint, all employees, regardless of position or department, receive the same benefits and compensation package. This means that the CEO, production workers, and janitors receive the same benefits and compensation package. There are no special "perks" for executive level staff, such as parking spaces or break lounges.

Each employee's compensation is based on his or her level of production and ability to meet quotas. If a line worker meets and exceeds a production quota, the employee will receive a weekly bonus based on production. Executive level staff receive bonuses based on shareholders' equity returns.

Nucor Steel ensures that all employees' voices and opinions matter through regular company-wide and department-wide meetings. In addition to this, employee satisfaction surveys are also conducted. If an employee feels that he or she has...

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