How does So Long a Letter reflect the theme of polygamy? What does it say about the characters since one accepts her husband's second wife and one does not? Is it due to the personality of characters or their culture? I need someone to discuss polygamy as a whole within the novel. 

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The whole novel is actually a letter, written by Ramatoulaye to her friend Aissatou. The letter explores her and her friend’s experiences in married life. The letter starts off with Ramatoulaye’s experiences during her husband, Moudou’s funeral. She explains her pain at losing the father of her children, whom she dearly loved. The reader is made aware of the fact that she has a co-wife when she states that the presence of her co-wife, Binetou, in her house, during the funeral, irritated her. She expresses her anger at being considered an equal to her co-wife during the funeral ceremony. She says that her sisters-in-law “gave equal consideration to thirty years and five years of married life”, that they “celebrated twelve maternities and three” with equal ease. When finally her co-wife leaves her residence for her lavish Sicap villa she is relieved.

She narrates her feelings during the mirasse, a Koranic occasion during which the deceased man’s secrets are exposed to his...

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