How does the novel, The Hunger Games, fit in to the genre of dystopian literature?Some literary examples would be appreciative like maybe quotes or page numbers.

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A dystopian society is basically a police state with unlimited control over its people. It many times has humans abusing and/or misusing technology.  In The Hunger Games, the Capitol controls the food, district boundaries, and occupations of the people in each district.(Chapter one). The people live in fear.  The people even allow them to take two children from each district - ages 12-18 - to die in the Hunger Games each year.  They have coerced the population to allow their children to place their names in the reaping more than once so that the family can survive. (pg 14).  When the Hunger Games begin, the children are placed in a huge arena controlled by a computer.  The computer creates hardships, physical and mental (pg 334), which drain the tribute's energy, strength, and morale, making them easy victims for the stronger competitors.  It sends food (pg 238) and medicine (pg 261) from their districts, exhibiting strong control over the games. It even changes the rules (pg 244) in the middle of the game.

joeycheeser | Student

Have you read The Hunger Games? If not, now's your chance! Check out chapters 1&  2. And if you have, make sure to answer the Fan Club question!