How does Dracula connect to To Kill a Mockingbird?

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On the surface, this is a challenge.  It is a challenge because there is not an immediacy in terms of connection between both works.  I would suggest that perhaps one area of connection would be in how human beings rise to confront what they perceive as evil.  Harker commits himself fully to defeating Dracula, knowing that the odds are not in his favor.  Atticus commits himself to defending Tom Robinson, knowing that much is not in his corner in doing so.  Both men see the need to confront what is seen as evil and rise up against it.  For both men, standing up and facing what they see as wrong and injust is not something to be compromised.  Harker does not negotiate with Dracula and his pursuit of him, while Atticus recognizes that there is a moral conviction that cannot be bargained away.  In both works, the characters that face what they see as evil and unjust forms a major part of the plot structure.  It is both pursuits that drive each novel, and in doing so, there is some level of a lesson about what it means to be human that is evident.


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