How does the novel 1984 relate to Hitler's rise to power?

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I think that you would probably find a better link to Orwell's work and Stalin.  Yet, the overall idea of a government that seeks to eliminate any real distinction between the public and the private is something that can relate to Hitler's ascendancy into power.  The Nazis wanted to ensure that there was only a public domain and channeling the body politic's focus into this helped them to consolidate their own political control.  At the same time, just as Big Brother's attempts at establishing foreign threats helped to divert attention from questioning authority, Hitler and the Nazis were fairly skilled at being able to construct "the enemy" as anyone who stood in opposition.  The use of propaganda as a type of thought control was also something that both regimes used to ensure that individuals could not construct ideas that were opposite to the government's message.  Both regmies had little problem in dissolving individuals through violence and state sponsored murder.

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