How does Nick's faded timetable (with gatsby's guests' names) and wolfshhiem's cuff links reflect the theme (and which) in the great gatsby?this is found in chapter 4 of great gatsby.

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The timetable, as a symbol, relates to the novel's theme of superficiality. The timetable listing the names of Gatsby's guests is mentioned at the beginning of a passage where Nick presents the names of the guests and recalls some charicatures of the people the names belong to. There is no depth to the descriptions of the guests, their antics are comical and insincere.Nick also describes this list of people who "accepted Gatsby's hospitality and paid hiim the subtle tribute of knowing nothing whatever about him."

The cufflinks made of human molars represent a dedication to pretense, to show and shallowness. Wolfsheim wears these cufflinks as if they are jewelry, though cifflinks made of real teeth would be unacceptable and uncouth to most people. His choice to wear the cufflinks and boast about them demonstrates an inability to see the world as others see it.

The connection between these two symbols rests in this thematic idea of illusion (as a form of superficiality). Gatsby's party guests don't see Gatbsy for who he is, they simply come to the parties. Their relationship to Gatsby is as superficial as the list of names Nick keeps. Wolfshiem's cufflinks portray his character as a superficial man, unable to recognize the maudlin aspect of his "jewelry".


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