How does Nick feel about Myrtle's death?

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Nick is very affected by Myrtle's violent and graphic death. At first, he believes that Gatsby was driving the yellow car that hit her, and he is horrified by the report that the car did not even stop after it struck Myrtle. When Nick, Tom, and Jordan reach the Buchanans' house in East Egg later that night, Jordan wants Nick to come inside and have some dinner, but he reports that he is "feeling a little sick and...wanted to be alone." Jordan keeps trying to compel him to come in, suggesting that it is still early yet (she seems pretty unaffected by Myrtle's death), but Nick says that he would "be damned if [he'd] go in." He feels that he has had enough of all of these people for the day. He doesn't even want to wait inside for his taxi to come, so he mills around outside. He seems pretty disgusted by all the events that have taken place that afternoon, up to and including Myrtle's death. When Gatsby explains that he had taken some back roads to get home and thinks that he wasn't seen, Nick feels an intense "dislike" for the man. Nick tells Gatsby that the force of the impact "'ripped [Myrtle] open.'" In many ways, the carelessness that Daisy and Tom exhibit with others' lives makes Nick dislike them both quite a bit.

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