The Overcoat Questions and Answers
by Nikolai Gogol

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In Nikolai Gogol's short story "The Overcoat", how does the new overcoat change Akaky's relationship with his co-workers?

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Certainly Akakyi's demeanor is affected by the overcoat, considering the sacrifices that he had to go through in order to place upon his shoulders a beautiful and well-made piece of clothing that also represents Akakyi's one and only indulgence in life.

The overcoat definitely rubbed on Akakyi's ego and personality. As the story progresses the reader may even conclude that they have, indeed, become one, or at least dependent on one another. Either way, there is no doubt as to the power of the overcoat in Akakyi's mental state. The narrator tells of how Akakyi was on a "holiday" mood, feeling cheerful and always mindful of his coat.


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