How does Never Let Me Go relate to the concept of belonging?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let us remember that the goal of all the clones is to feel like they are proper humans and that they are not "farmed" for the exclusive use of humans until they die. This is where the myth that circulates amongst the clones comes into play. The story that those clones who are properly in love might be given time to enjoy their relationship before they are summoned to start their organ donation is something that fills Kathy and Tommy with hope, until they manage to find their old head mistress and are plunged back into despair.

Throughout the novel, the clones are very clearly never allowed to belong and are kept separate and treated very differently compared to "proper" humans. The tragedy of this novel is the way that the clones are given the same capacity to love and experience emotions as humans themselves, yet are never allowed to belong to that race. The title of the novel itself is something of a plea to belong as the clones seek solace in forming relationships with each other. At the end of the day, however, as Kathy realises, there is no hope for clones and they live a life that is characterised by possessing no rights whatsoever and a grim future that will end only when they "complete."

ckali | Student

Thanks so much ! This helped me a lot. However, could you please include some language techniques that show their inability to belong?

Nevertheless, i greatly appreciate your answer and help!