How does Nestor react when he realizes who Telemachus' companion is in "The Odyssey"?

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When Nestor discovers that Telemachus' companion is the goddess Athene disguised as Odysseus' aged friend Mentor, he responds with reverence and awe.  He is thankful that Athene has chosen to bestow her favor on Telemachus just as she did on Telemachus' father Odysseus, and Nestor is overwhelmed at the priviledge of her visit to him as well. 

Nestor has invited Telemachus to stay the night at his palace, and Athene requests that Nestor send Telemachus on to Lacedaemon in a chariot in the company of one of his (Nestor's)sons in the morning.  She then reveals her divine identity by turning herself into an eagle and flying away, leaving Telemachus in Nestor's care.  Nestor is amazed, and asks Athene's blessing on himself and his family in prayer.  He promises to offer a ritual sacrifice to the goddess in the form of an unbroken heifer with guilded horns.


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