How does Natty Bumppo embody the romantic ideal?

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Natty Bumppo is one of the first heroes of the Romantic Era.  Remember, this is literary period that, historically, is coming directly out of the Englightenment and the Age of Reason.  Authors are seeking to find truth in beauty and nature.  This is the first time fiction emerges in America.  There is an escape from busy city life and contrived order into the country (or the woods) to find truth among the quiet sense of natural order.  Natty Bumppo embodies a heroism that is truly natural - innate.

  • Rugged: lives in the woods; one with nature; has an appreciation for the beauty of nature
  • no formal education - works from an innate sense of right and wrong; moral; has integrity
  • straightforward, true to his word, naturally honest
  • not "bigger than life" nor outstandingly handsome - he is not above average in his abilities or looks - but in his honor
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