How does the narrator's view of her father change by seeing him in a different setting in Amy Tan's "A Pair of Tickets?"  

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The narrator, Jing-Mei, changes her view of her father in the short story "A Pair of Tickets," the last segment in The Joy Luck Club.

As Jing-Mei travels to China with her seventy-two year old father, Canning Woo, she sees him transform into the young, innocent boy of his youth. They are on their way to Guangzhou, formerly Canton, to visit Canning's aunt, Aiyi. Jing-Mei sees her father "with tears in his eyes" as he views the countryside. These tears of nostalgia also bring "misty eyes" to Jing-Mei as if she has traveled this path before. For the first time, she really feels Chinese. Seeing her father in his native setting has rejuvenated him and has made her feel his passion for China. Canning's depth of emotion enlightens Jing-Mei and enables her to see her father in a new light.

As father and daughter reach their destination, they are greeted by an old woman. Jing-Mei hears her shout, "Syau Yen!" The name, Syau Yen, means "Little Wild Goose," and the old woman turns out to be Aiya,...

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