How does Napoleon use the control of information for his own benefit? 

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Napoleon is able to use the control of information for his own benefit in a couple of ways.  The first way he is able to control information to his own benefit is in making sure that what the animals know serves to substantiate his own condition of power.  Through the information dissemination powers of Squealer, Napoleon is able to able to control the flow of information to the other animals. This results in being able to inflate figures and statistics that make his rule seem to benefit the animals when it really doesn't, to find political scapegoats towards whom he can place blame for the animals' hardships, and to ensure that the information the animals receive always reminds them that "it was worse under Jones' rule."  For Napoleon, being able to use the control of information in this manner ensures he will always be able to remain in political control of the farm and over the animals who toil on it.  

At the same time, Napoleon is able to ensure that the other animals hear of no other forms of information that could possible challenge his version of "truth."  Napoleon is not only controlling of his message and the information that the animals receive regarding it. He also ensures the control of information the animals receive. Anytime that there are small whispers of information that would contradict his accepted version, he is able to deploy Squealer to counter it effectively.  If this did not work, Napoleon was able to use the dogs as his way of ensuring that the information the animals either received or spoke of was delivered by him, for him.  In this way, Napoleon demonstrates another way as to how he was able to use the control of information for his own benefit.