How does Napoleon try to solidify his leadership?

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Napoleon tries to solidify his leadership much like his Russian Revolution counterpart Joseph Stalin does... in multiple ways.

1. Napoleon manipulates the animals by talking to them one at a time. He does this early in the book when Snowball is trying to persuade animals to join him on his ideas. Napoleon is a dissenter in the midst who talks individually to get them to see things his way, for example in the case of the windmill.

2. Napoleon also enlists the help of a gifted and crafty speaker on his behalf. This is Squealer. Stalin had Pravda as his mouthpiece in Russia. Napoleon uses Squealer to make great speeches that demonstrate production is better than it was in Jones time by shouting out tons of numbers.

3. Napoleon has Squealer use propaganda. Fear is an emotional appeal they use corporately to get the animals to remain faithful to the cause of animalism. The slogan "Four legs good, Two legs bad" unifies the animals against a different enemy. Napoleon uses Snowball as a scapegoat and they blame everything they do not want to take credit for on him. So if it is a bad circumstance, Snowball gets the blame.


revolution | Student

Napoleon try to solidify his leadership and his political control of the farm in many ways, paralleled to the Russian totalitarian leader Joseph Stalin.

  1. His use of force to maintain order. He used his fierce dogs to scare the animals into submission (compared to Stalin's secret police), and also to protect himself from harm. These dogs act as a "secret service" or as bodyguards, to threaten the animals to follow his rule.
  2. Controlling information in the farm. This could have been done by a  capable and talented speaker, which was Squealer (Joseph Gobbles). He acts as a mouthpiece, to discredit his opponents like Snowball (Trotsky), and also to destroy the principles of the Old Major (Lenin), to manipulate living conditions and food abundance.
  3. His cunning personality. Napoleon used his shrewdness to brainwash the animal's mind, to follow his rule. He used this trait to maximum effect, absolving all blame to himself and pushing all the blame to Snowball for all the bad things that had happened to the farm. So, Snowball's demise was made possible by him.