In "Animal Farm", how does Napoleon influence the others animal in their decision making? In Orwell's allegory 'Animal Farm.'

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Napoleon first uses repetition of slogans in public chants or incantations to brainswash the animals, particularly the sheep. Here a type of "group hysteria" and "bandwagon" technique gets the animals go 'go with the flow' in the direction he desires.  You see this particularly in the change of the chant "Four legs good, two legs bad" into "Four legs good, two legs better" where the animals don't even seem to recognize the difference. Unlike Snowball's attempts to educate the animals through his multiple social programs and committees, Napoleon rather exploits the animals by keeping them in their ignorance.

Just as important is Squealer's role as middle man, public spokesman and propaganda expert. Napoleon is not particularly gifted at public speaking, but at least he has enough sense to confer this role to somebody else more influential and persuasive. Aptly stated was the observation that Squealer could turn white into black and black into white. His help is crucial in establishing Napoleon's influence over the other farm animals.

Napoleon also uses reward and punishment to condition the animals' responses.  They are given extra portions of food (rarely but sometimes) after battles or during celebrations. The old crow Moses' tales of Sugarcandy Mountain in the hereafter and the more immediate prospect of the benefits of the windmill to make life easier on the farm use the "carrot before the nose" tactic of promise of a better day forthcoming. Here both religion and philosophy are truly "the opiate of the people" (or "animals," as this is an allegory). On the other hand, the  animals are severely punished for any form of resistance or insurrection, such as the hens' rebellion over having their eggs confiscated. With the help of his secret police (Bluebell's puppies, trained to kill and now...

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