The View from Saturday

by E. L. Konigsburg
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How does Nadia change after becoming a member of The Souls in The View from Saturday?

Nadia changes after becoming a member of The Souls by becoming more accepting of her family situation. Initially, she's pretty angry about the whole situation, but thanks to her experience of helping the turtles at the beach, she understands that it's necessary to make changes at some point in our lives.

Expert Answers

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It's no exaggeration to say that membership of The Souls changes the lives of all the children who join the group.

The sixth-grade students, hand-picked by Mrs. Olinski to participate in the upcoming Academic Bowl, are transformed in many different ways by participation in The Souls. So much so that we can say that each and every one of the students is a different person at the end of the story from what they were at the beginning.

Nadia, one of the members of The Souls, is initially a rather angry, unhappy young lady who finds it difficult to deal with life on account of her parents' divorce. Shuttling back and forth between New York, where she lives with her mother, and Florida, where her father lives, she's understandably displeased at the way things are going.

However, her membership of The Souls gives her a whole new perspective on life and allows her to start looking at the bigger picture.

While staying in Florida, she saves turtles on the beach as part of her school science project. It is while saving the turtles that she comes to realize that people, like turtles, have to make certain changes in their lives from time to time. Applying this insight to her parents, she becomes more accepting of her family situation.

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