How does music enhance the learning process?

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Listening to and/or making music involves a number of skills and activities that are important to learning in many other areas. Through the use of music, abilities in these areas can be developed and strengthened, which then enhances the learning process.

Music is frequently based on repetition of recognizable patterns of sounds or rhythms. An individual who learns to isolate and identify the patterns in the melody or harmony of a piece of music may be more easily able to find numerical patterns in mathematics or may recognize patterned relationships in nature.

Music combines elements of sound, rhythm, sight (reading music, recognizing and following a conductor's movements), movement, and other stimuli. Listening to music develops sensitivity to and retention in memory of what has been heard, which aids learning in many areas. Music encourages clarity and precision in expression, key ingredients of communication for learning and sharing knowledge. Participating in music-making activities also frequently teaches skills of cooperation, following directions, teamwork to accomplish a common goal - skills that are supportive in many other types of learning settings.