How does Mrs. Linde offer to help Nora in Act II?

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In Act II of A Doll House, Nora is in a very precarious position. In an effort to help her friend, who is now a widow and without income, she has convinced her husband Torvald to hire her at his bank. Shortly after this turn of fortune for Mrs. Linde, Krogstad arrives at the Helmers' residence and asks for an audience with Nora. Ironically, he has been fired at the bank where Torvald has been promoted and where Mrs. Linde will soon start. Knowing that Helmer disapproves of him because he has previously been charged with forgery, Krogstad, who holds the loan that Nora has obtained by forging her father's name, constrains her by demanding that she intercede for him with her husband, who has fired him.

Krogstad. Now I've been kicked out, and I'm no longer satisfied just getting my old job back.  I want more...I want to get to the top...I want the bank to take me back but in a higher position. I want your husband to create a new job for me--

Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Linde appears with Nora's dress. She tells Mrs. Linde what has transpired and informs her of her past actions and Krogstad's letter that reveals her forgery.

Mrs. Linde. Krogstad must ask for his letter back, unread. He's got to think up some pretext or other---...I'll be back as soon as I can.

Mrs. Linde, who has one time been romantically involved with Krogstad, rushes to intercede for her friend Nora, hoping that the love that Krogstad once had for her will be enough to persuade him to rescind his revealing letter.

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