In The Miracle Worker, how does Mrs. Keller react to her daughter Helen?  

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In the play, The Miracle Worker, Mrs. Keller doesn't really know what to do with her daughter, Helen.  As a six year old girl left blind and deaf, Helen is a challenge for anyone as Helen does whatever she pleases with no discipline.  Her mother, Kate Keller, is consumed with guilt over Helen's condition, and does not discipline her, allowing Helen to grab food off her plate with no consequences. When Annie Sullivan arrives, Mrs. Keller wants to interfere and protect her child from Annie's discipline.  With her husband's distrust of Annie's methods with Helen, and her own inability to demand good behavior from her child, Kate Keller at first allows her pity for Helen's condition to get in the way.  When she finally realizes that she is a hindrance to Helen learning anything, Mrs. Keller allows Anne to teacher Helen in the best way that she can so that her daughter can have a better life.  Mrs. Keller grows from paralyzing guilt to acceptance of her daughter's condition and the special circumstances required to teach Helen to live a full life.


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