How does Mrs. Jones show kindness?

Expert Answers

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Mrs. Jones shows kindness in that when she tells him to go wash his face (and he chooses to), she tells him to "Let the water run until it gets warm" and offers him a clean towel. She brushes off his question about whether she's going to take him to jail (and not taking him to jail is another way she shows kindness). When she learns there's no one home at his house, she cooks him dinner, providing both food and company for him. She opens up to him and tells him that she was young once and did things she wasn't proud of, too, which is also a kindness--it means she isn't judging him. She shows trust by leaving him alone with her pocketbook while she cooks. While they eat, she doesn't ask him any questions that might embarrass him. She gives him half of her ten-cent cake then offers him more. She also gives him ten dollars to buy the blue suede shoes he wants. 

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