How does Mrs. Cratchit react to the mention of Scrooge’s name on Christmas in A Christmas Carol?  

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Mrs. Cratchit is no fan of Mr. Scrooge. On the other hand, Bob Cratchit is very respectful of Mr. Scrooge, in spite of how poorly he is treated by his boss.

At Christmas dinner Bob Cratchit gives a thanks to Ebenezer Scrooge and refers to him as "the Founder of the Feast." This irritates Mrs. Cratchit, who replies, 

"The Founder of the Feast indeed!" cried Mrs. Cratchit, reddening. "I wish I had him here. I'd give him a piece of my mind to feast upon, and I hope he'd have a good appetite for it."

When Bob reminds her it is Christmas and that kind of tone might not be appropriate, she retorts:

"It should be Christmas Day, I am sure," said she, "on which one drinks the health of such an odious, stingy, hard, unfeeling man as Mr. Scrooge. You know he is, Robert. Nobody knows it better than you do, poor fellow."

It is important to remember this takes place in Christmas future, after tiny Tim has died. Mrs. Cratchit has a lot of resentment toward Scrooge, whom she sees as responsible for her family's financial struggles. Bob Cratchit, however, is still trying to find the bright side where he can, thus he is grateful for the meager "feast" they have as a result of his small salary working for Mr. Scrooge. 

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