From Zindel's The Pigman, how does Mr. Pignati respond to Lorraine and John telling him their real names?

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John and Lorraine only lied about their last names as a cover for the charity con they pulled on Mr. Pignati. By the time they visit the zoo with him, they ask him to call them by their first names because John kept forgetting that "Mr. Wandermeyer" meant him. As the kids continue to get to know Mr. Pignati and spend a lot of time over at his house, Lorraine feels such a deep burden of guilt for having swindled $10.00 from the old man, that she makes John confess for them. He confesses as follows:

"Well, Mr. Pignati, . . . Lorraine and I have something on our consciences that you ought to know about. . . You see, Mr. Pignati, we're not charity workers. . . We're high-school kids. . . We're sorry we lied to you" (111).

Mr. Pignati seems very sad to hear this news and does not say anything for a while. John goes on to say that they didn't do it to be mean and they are really sorry. Mr. Pignati doesn't say anything for a long time and eventually confesses his own lie to the kids that his wife is dead. The only thing to break the tension is Lorraine gives John some candy which turns out to be chocolate ants and he runs to the bathroom to throw them up. Lorraine and the Pigman laugh and all is forgiven.

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