How does Mr. Morrison plan to help the Logan's after Mama gets fired? What is Papa's response to his offer?  In Chapter 8 after Mama gets fired.

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More importantly, the huge L. T. Morrison joins the Logan family as a protective male presence in Mildred Taylor's novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Morrison has lost his job with the railroad, and Mr. Logan invites him to live on his property after Mary Logan is fired from her teaching job. Because of the recent night riders' activity against the local African-American families, Papa Logan knows that everyone will feel safer with Morrison living on the property. Morrison proves his worth quickly when he manhandles two of the Wallace brothers after they try to ambush the Logans on the road.

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Mr. Granger and Mr. Wallace show up in Mama's classroom to observe her teaching.  She is teaching a lesson on slavery.  They speak about it not being in the book.  They are looking for an excuse to fire her.  She gets fired from her job as a teacher.

Mr. Morrison is worried about how the family will make out.  He states with Mr. Logan there that maybe he could find some work to bring in some money and be able to help the family out.  Papa is the one who tells him that there is no call for him to do that.