How does Mr.Hooper's character change/stay the same throughout the book?

arbrown09 | Student

In "The Minister's Black Veil", Mr. Hooper is a character that changes as his parishoners change. We see Mr. Hooper change internally as he struggles with "secret sin" and his first appearance in the black veil shocks and even frightens his congregation. But, as time goes on, the congregation becomes accustomed to the veil and what it represents so his place in the church changes. In his older years, he becomes referred to as " Father Hooper", and is honored by being asked to speak at the Election Sermon. Even though his place within the congregation has reached a higher status, people still treat him as they did on the first day he wore the veil, with suspicion and unloved fear. His opinion and stance on secret sin never falters throughout the work, and his congregation's outward opinions of him never change. However, they hold him in reverie and his place in society changes because of this fear the people have of him.

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