How does Mr. Garcia feel about Manolo in Shadow of a Bull?  

In Shadow of a Bull, Mr. Garcia doesn't like Manolo, because he's Juan Olivar's son. Back in the day, Mr. Garcia was fired by Juan Olivar for drunkenness after almost a month on the job, and Garcia has resented him for it ever since.

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One Sunday morning after Mass, Manolo makes his way to the poor part of town to see Juan Garcia. When he reaches the Garcias, he's warmly greeted by Juan's brother Jaime. However, Jaime and Juan's father is not quite so thrilled to see Manolo. His unfriendly attitude and sarcasm—he calls Manolo “the great son of a great father”—clearly indicates his hostility towards the young man.

Manolo is aware that Mr. Garcia is mocking him but is unsure of how to handle the situation. Before long, however, Mr. Garcia has started telling a story that explains his hostile attitude towards Manolo and his father, Juan Olivar.

Back in the day, Mr. Garcia desperately wanted to be a bullfighter yet could never catch a break. Although he was much more experienced than Manolo's father at bullfighting—albeit outside of a bullfighting ring—he was never given a chance to pursue a career as a great matador.

To a considerable extent, then, Mr. Garcia is incredibly jealous of Manolo's father. But he's also bitter. Juan Olivar once hired him as a banderillero, a matador's assistant. But after almost a month, he fired him because he claimed that Garcia had been drinking on the job. That left him with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Ever since that fateful day, Garcia has never forgiven Juan Olivar for what he did, and his intense dislike of the man has been extended to his son, Manolo.

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