In To Sir, with Love, how does Mr Braithwaite's stay in the school bring joy, courage and courteous behaviour in the lives of his students?

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I think that Braithwaite's stay in the school is successful because it is driven by a "student first" philosophy.  After some initial setbacks, Braithwaite's philosophy is one where he places the needs of his students first.  This pedagogy allows students to see him as both educator and advocate, and removes the barriers where instructional and pedagogical challenges abound.  In this setting, Braithwaite's stay brings joy and courage because of the increase in respect and instruction that follows as a result.  Braithwaite examined the needs of his students and tailor made his function in the classroom to this end.  In doing this, students were able to not only find meaning in what was being taught, but were able to reduce the barriers that previously blocked out instruction.  The emotional climate became the result of this pedagogy and was the reason why students at the high school became more vested in their learning.

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