How does the movie Mean Girls relate to the beatitude "Blessed are the Peacemakers?"

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an interesting question. The premise of the movie, Mean Girls, directed by Mark Waters in 2004, is that there are a group of socially elite girls in school that seek to assert their dominance over the others. They will do anything to claw their way to the top and maintain that position. When a new girl comes to school that threatens their social popularity, they will do anything to gain power over her. 

When we view this premise in view of the teaching of Jesus from Matthew and Luke that there is a blessing for peacemakers, we see that these are two different ideas and views on life. The former is fraught with conflict, the other is filled with peacemaking. 

In light of this point, we can make a few comments. 

First, Mean Girls is a comedy that show the problems that "mean" competition leads to. In the end, there are no winners and a lot of collateral damage. 

Second, in the end of the movie, where there is some reconciliation, we can see the beauty of peace as well as the benefits that this peace brings to all. 

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