How does the mood in Chapter 8 in Daniel's Story change?

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In the beginning of chapter 8 Daniel talks with his sister about the factory where they work and the kind of food they are served.  Erika tells him that they are givensoup that was almost nothing but hot water.  She explained there were only turnip tops and potato peels in the soup.  Daniel shared that their soup had some vegetables and potatoes in it and occasionally a chunk of meat.

Rosa and Erika decide that if a hunger strike was put into place the soldiers would have to feed them better.  They begin to stage one but Daniel is in fear they will be fired ad then taken off for transport.  He convinces his factory workers to send over some of their soup for the females.  This works and he learns that his sister Erika had even given a speech.

They initially held a slight sense of victory.

The mood shifted later in the chapter when the Jews were told that they would have blocks of the housing in the Ghetto taken away.  As the size of lodgings was reduced more families were sent to be transported away.  Daniel's parents contemplated hiding, but his mother was too sick.  Instead they made Daniel go to hide and they decided to be transported.

There is a sense of defeat instead of victory by the end of the chapter.

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