How does Montag resolve his dilemma? 

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Montag's dilemma is living a meaningless life, void of purpose and happiness. Throughout the novel, Montag makes several important decisions that impact the trajectory of his life and resolve his dilemma. Montag resolves his dilemma by first opening a book and attempting to understand it. In the dystopian future society Montag lives in, it is illegal to own a book, much less read and study one. He makes the conscious decision to contact Faber, a retired English professor, to help him understand the meaning of texts. Montag effectively kills his authoritative boss, Captain Beatty, and flees the city. He makes another important decision to locate a group of travelling intellectuals that aid him in understanding and memorising literature. Montag's series of critical decisions help him to resolve his dilemma by leaving the insensitive, censored society to begin his journey of becoming an intellectual. The novel ends when the city is destroyed by a nuclear bomb, and Montag walks towards the obliterated buildings with the hope of rebuilding a literate society. Montag finds meaning in his life, thus resolving his dilemma. 

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