In Fahrenheit 451, how does Montag escape from the city and where does he end up?  

Montag escapes from the city by killing Captain Beatty, surviving the Mechanical Hound, and planting books in Black's home before arriving at Professor Faber's house. At Faber's home, they burn several items to suppress Montag's scent. Montag then runs toward the river, where he removes his clothes, douses himself with liquor, and puts on Faber's old clothes. Montag then floats down the river and meets up with a group of hobo intellectuals in the wilderness.

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In Fahrenheit 451, Montag has to go through many trials in order to eventually escape the city. At first, when Montag realizes he has been caught keeping books, he kills Captain Beatty. Additionally, he fires a flamethrower at the other two firemen that are at his home, so he can escape. After he does this, he realizes that the Mechanical Hound is still there. Montag manages to fire another flamethrower at the Hound, but not before it injects his leg. Montag is able to flee his home, even with the numbness running through his leg.

These are not all the trials that Montag had to endure in order to escape. As soon as he has killed Beatty, the other firemen are after him. Montag eventually makes his way to Faber's house where Faber advises him to head to the river and follow the railroad tracks. Before Montag leaves, Faber gives him a change of clothes, and Montag tells him to burn everything he has touched. This will help throw the Hound off the trail, because he won't be able to track Montag's scent.

As Montag is running towards the river, helicopters are trying to track him, and the rest of the city has been advised to be on the lookout. He is able to make it to the river before anyone catches him. When he arrives, he jumps into the river, pours liquor over himself, and changes clothes to get rid of his scent.

Montag continues his journey by walking alongside the railroad tracks and eventually makes it into the wilderness where he meets other people who share his same beliefs.

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In Part Three, Montag manages to grab a flamethrower and kill Captain Beatty before he is arrested. Shortly after killing Captain Beatty, Montag narrowly survives an attack from the Mechanical Hound but ends up seriously injuring his leg. Montag then staggers away from the scene and crosses an extremely dangerous boulevard, where reckless adolescents try to run him over as they speed past. After crossing the boulevard, Montag notices police helicopters circling the sky in search of him and sneaks into Black's home. Montag then plants several books in Black's kitchen and calls in an alarm on the fireman's home, which buys him enough time to visit Professor Faber.
While the police are distracted, Montag travels to Professor Faber's home and receives valuable advice. Faber instructs Montag to head toward the river and follow the old railroad lines going into the country until he meets a group of intellectuals. Before Montag leaves, they burn several items in Faber's home, wipe down the furniture with alcohol, turn on the air-conditioner in every room, and run the lawn sprinklers to kill Montag's scent. Faber then gives Montag a suitcase full of his old clothes and douses it with whiskey before Montag runs toward the river. As Montag approaches the river, he puts a Seashell in his ear and listens as the new Mechanical Hound closes in on him.
Once Montag reaches the river, he strips his clothes off, douses himself with liquor, puts on Faber's old clothes, and dives into the water. Montag lets the current of the river move him away from the city and eventually arrives in the countryside. He then travels along the abandoned railways and into the wilderness, where he meets up with the group of intellectuals. Montag is accepted into their group, and the traveling intellectuals teach Montag how to remember entire works of literature.
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Because of Montag's fireman's knowledge about how Mechanical Hounds works, he and Faber are able to disguise Montag's odor at Faber's house by burning items associated with him, putting the air conditioning up high, using moth spray to mask his scent, and turning the sprinklers on at full blast. This confuses the hound, who loses track of Montag's scent.

Montag runs toward the river, having the advantage of being able to watch and see the Mechanical Hound's whereabouts on the television screens that are following the live drama.

Montag hears the television announcer advising everyone on Elm Street to look out their doors and windows for him at the same time, sure that so many eyes can't miss his fleeing figure. Knowing he could be caught, Montag quickens pace. He arrives at the river and wades in, splashing water all over himself, shedding his clothing, putting on Faber's clothes, and dousing himself with raw liquor. He then plunges all the way into the river and lets it carry him downstream. When the Mechanical Hound comes to the edge of the river, there is no scent of Montag for it to follow. Montag escapes and is able to join up with the other men who hope to preserve and rebuild civilization.

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Montag and Faber try to confuse the Mechanical Hound’s sense of smell. Montag makes it to the river and the scent is lost when he jumps in. He floats down the river and the manhunt continues in the city. He floats downstream until the next morning. He goes ashore and meets Granger and the other “book covers,” a group determined to mentally record as much literature as they can. Granger offers Montag a chemical which will change his body’s chemical signature and this will also throw the Mechanical Hound off the trail. A war has broken out in the meantime and the city is bombed to smithereens. This completes Montag’s escape. Presumably, now there is no one left to chase him.

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